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DJ ASwizzle is a legend performer in the underground circles she operates in. An exclusive performer, ASwizzle channeled her inner inspiration, and built an interest in DJing as she saw artists of different caliber in the dozens of night clubs she frequented in the late 90s. Tired of making requests and helping mediocre DJs up their music delivery, ASwizzle promised she would launch her own DJ empire one day.

Dance Lounge

Rooftop Bar

Vip Lounge

Resident DJ


DJ ASwizzle

Today, DJ ASwizzle comes with a posse of her own. With a spunky piano player, and a Casanova guitarist by her side, ASwizzle is ready to take on the modern music world from her HQ at 3 Stonebridge. A natural of sorts, ASwizzle understands how sounds weaves together, and she intertwines different tunes almost effortlessly.

Booking DJ ASwizzle is not only difficult, its almost impossible. Unless you know someone who knows someone who knows AS-S, you are limited to cracking an invite @ 3SC/BSMT for the next wild party.

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For your diary

ASwizzle likes to surprise her followers with random performances at the most unlikely times. Look for her to spin during breaks, or post-espresso afternoon jaunts.

Pre-Party for F&F Festival

July 3, 2021

Welcome Back Nikhil from
Sleep Away Camp

July 10, 2021

End of Summer Party
@ 3SC

All of Labor Day Weekend


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DJ ASwizzle is an international celebrity, sought out by music aficionados all over the world. Many men (and one in particular) have tried to understand ASwizzle, but she remains a mystery who beats at her own tune.

DJ ASwizzle is generally busy running her international conglomerate, complete with underground Bollywood companies, Asahi Partners and ASS Ventura, and is generally out solving the world’s unsolved mysteries. When not busy saving the world, she is likely found engaging to one of her posse members – the pianist, the guitarist, and her newfound love; a 14 month Havanese Senor Pico.